Handling of imported commodities and exported commodities.

 We plans handling and sales of imports and exports.The platform is on e-bay or contact us the following address if you want us to import commodities or export.I will execute the judgment and send the quotation.We look forward to your Mail.

Sales promotion business specializing in industry/section

 We execute the sales promotion including the guide and the exhibition of a new product.We analyze about the exhibition situation, the sales situation with arrangement.We strengthen promotion which examines the analysis leading to sales of a specific commodity with a tool.

Contract of Marketing section business

 With a special tool for the purpose of at the store growth which has the differentiation with another shop is attempted.We will attempt with the marketing strategy for the purpose of clearly service and clearly feature of the store to their customer.The following marketing tools are built into the business model on our marketing.  The reinforced table emphasis strengthening and differentiation with another shop as making the domination of the store a score. we accomplish correcting store's improvement point,Finally we will realize clearly store service.

The reinforced table

Brand management business

An excellent brand have the profitability and the high royalty improving to the growth potential of the business.The brand effects the business profit and the asset value as bringing improvement in the below section.

○An excellent brand improves the profitability and the growth potential of the brand company.

○The brand have the role to strengthen selecting the product, service, and bonds with the customer, and composes the reason why purchaser select "the brand product and brand service".

○Promoting their brand will improve the negotiation power to the distributor, and leads to promote their product activity. Additionally, hiring people and the material procurement are easily advanced.

○The brand enhances brand share,so that the brand is possible to share this license widely.The brand extension is to use the brand of their own product when a new product and service are developed.It is enabled to permit the other companies to use its own brand for products of other company with the license. so that, the royalty of the licence is obtained.

 Power Point proporsal of the Brand management basic program

In store marketing

Evaluating the store as customer aspect, we will realize the store activation by the sales promotion plan and the improvement for the store activity. The following effects can be achieved in the store side and the manufacturer.

In store side

○The case of setting the store directionality.
○The case of improvement in structure of the store organization.
○The case of improvement in amount of store sales.
○The case of aiming in the store with the opinion from the customer.
○The case of your hoping to increase the repeater.
○The case of your hoping improve staff's environment in this store.

In manufacturer side

○The case of improvement about sales promotion plan.
○The case of improvement in exhibition situation.
○The case of improvement in commodity arrangement.
○The case of improvement of method of commodity's appealing.
○The case of your hoping for selecting method of the sales marketing or commodity in store or region.
○The case of improvement for brand image in Manufacturer.
○The case of improvement of information of products or maintenance guide as consumer requests.

Development of sales program for store management

 We have developed the program setting the sales strategy for the purpose of improvement of management in store. Please purchase it on the web site of vecter Ltd.
 it is possible that we customizie of the question or change of a item in the program. Even if any damage exists in the much more about the use of the application, we cannot assume the responsibility.Please note it.

【Sales strategy planning support】About development or program of the software

(1)【Sales strategy planning support】This program will help for approaching to improvement for the purpose of store management as making strategy for the salesman and it will be visible clearly about the problem of operation in store.

(2) Investigating by the questionnaire about [strategy diagnosis] and [emphasis reinforced target diagnosis] and [the current state] , it will help for your achievement in store as making the improvement in store visible with this strategyin the future.

(3) It will change settings of item in investigation flexibly and it can be preserved in the investigation situation.

 【Sales strategy Planning support】Introduction on the vector service
 【Sales strategy Planning support】catalog download

【Sales strategy research support】About development or program of the software

(1) 【Sales strategy research support】The program is a support program so that it will be considered about the problem and the problem of operation in store.This problem of operation in store is extracted and made visible clearly for your improvement of management and the sales strategy.

(2) Investigating by questionnaire method in the current state. it will help for your achievement of 【the way in store should be】 as making the improvement of management or problems in store visible clearly with this strategy in the future by using【 strategy diagnosis 】and【diagnosis of reinforced target】.

(3) It will change settings of item in investigation flexibly and it can be preserved in the investigation situation.

(4) Function of management/investigation/total on project.
The account of each project is registered and investigated. This program can support the store operation by outputting the data of each store by Excel and clarifying the tendency, the feature, and the weakness of each store.

(5) Function of Data import
It can total by importing the data in store in addition to the project.

 【Sales strategy Research support】Introduction on the vector service
 【Sales strategy Research support】catalog

Support for Establishment in venture

We support the establishment of venture.It will become advantageous in the following sentence by establishing the company.

○Difference point of the personal business and establishment of company is the social confidence and it comes to accumulate fund more easily than case of the personal business.
○The range of the responsibility concerning the business changes the limited liability from the unlimited liability within the range of contribution.
○Your company will join social insurance, and you will become easy to secure employment.
○Your business will come to use the subsidy and the financing system easily by providing with registration.

Flow of establishment in venture

【Example of registration in LLC】

1.Grounds on the procedure

 Article 17 of commercial registration law

2.method of submission

 Please submit it with the establishment concerning document attached to the registry which is jurisdiction of other corporate headquarters or branch or the main offices.

3.Required documentation

 ①application of registeration(Please refer to the establishment application of registration in LLC. )
 ②Company statute 1pcs
 ③Document proved representative and decided the funds 1pcs
 ④Document concerning approval about representative person 1pcs
 ⑤Document concerning proof for payment on registration 1pcs
 ⑥Document concerning representative person's certificate concerning summing amount of funds 1pcs
 ⑦Document concerning Matter should be registered 1pcs
 ⑧Document certificated concerning summing amount of funds 1pcs


 ○Registration and license tax(The amount of money is different according to the company classification. )
 ○Fee of application on registration
 ○Amount of investment of funds

Business concernig contract with your business and product sales through alliances with other companies

Business concerning contract in event

Business of workflow optimization