Thank you for your visiting our site social Infoknowledge.LLC.  Our company is venture company that attempts the business development centering on the contract of marketing for the discount shop or the manufacturer.  Additionally, we works on business of the project and the production, etc. of the business support, the business establishment support, and the Internet contents for the small and medium-sized enterprise and the personal business.Our company will propose to "Walk together" for manager, proprietor.  We will introduce our vision and service on this site.  We hope for a firm,trustworthy relationship and great success for both our companies in the future.  Kind regards.


Introduction of Handling of imported commodities and exported commodities.

 We plan to handle importing or exporting goods including sales of commodities.The platform are on e-bay or amazon.com or etc.Please contact us the following address if you want us to import or export commodities.I will execute the judgment and send the quotation about our handling.We look forward to your Mail. Kind regards.weblogmaster@fairstyle.net

Introduction of E-commerce site uniting with brand promotion.
「Digital Branding Promotion House of branding promotion」

It is website for sales promotion and e-commerce service to promote the brand promotion on internet.  'Digital Branding Promotion House' is a product promotion site in which it aimed at a brand promotion and long-term support as the site that becomes the axis of this project.  This website presses with other contents blogs or website or consumer's review,so it will relate the product to the consumer's purchase as attempting the marketing planning and promotion.  We will accomplish providing information of the marketing trend and recommended item, etc. for accepting user's demand in the future. We are recruiting our informing commodity any time.Please contact us if you need. Kind regards.

『Digital Branding Promotion House』 『Digital Branding Promotion House V-MODA』

Now on sale.Sales strategy planning support【Strategy planning support software】.

 This program that sets the sales strategy for our purpose of store improvement is developed.The trial version trial has sold 5,184 (Open price) of the shareware version for three days.Please request for your purchasing the shareware software on vector Ltd service to if you need. Please contact us about this product to the following mail. 【Sales strategy planning support catalog download】
【Sales strategy planning support download】  ◆About your purchasing this product Introduction on vector service  ◆About your contact:weblogmaster@info.fairstyle.net

Sales strategy Research support【Strategy planning support software for project research version】

【Sales strategy Research support】making "Sales strategy", "Reinforced target or problem improvement", and "Marketing strategy" and decision making support on project research is now on sale. Please contact us with your opinion about this product. Now on sale.【Sales strategy Research support catalog download】
【Sales strategy Research support download】  ◆About your purchasing this product:On the vector service  ◆About your contact:weblogmaster@info.fairstyle.net

The software「The die casting」 setting method of Die casting and metal mold

 This is the best software 'The die casting' for the education of die cast engineer,finding method of metal mold design ,setting for casting condition ,making the business of diecast.
「The die casting」catalog page 「The die casting」 Intoroduction of this product on Youtube① 「The die casting」 Intoroduction of this product on Youtube② 「The die casting」 Intoroduction of this product on Youtube③ 「The die casting」 Intoroduction of this product on Youtube④ 「The die casting」 Intoroduction of this product on Youtube⑤  ◆Contact us about product or service.:weblogmaster@fairstyle.net